Strië is the pseudonym of Polish multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer

Olga Wojciechowska.

Initial works released under this alias did not reveal her real name.The moniker was born of a desire to sever ties with her past musical identity, to make daring new music for music’s sake and to do so with freedom and impunity.
The music explores the atmospheric and unobtrusive nature of ambient music, a style which has captured her imagination for many years.

Her endless curiosity and subtle electronic treatments of stringed instruments has also led to an involvement with various live ensembles. She has worked with contemporaries such as Greg Haines, Erik Skodvin, Pjusk and Alvaret Ensemble.

As Strië she has released albums with Soundscaping, Time Released Sound and Serein labels. With her last EP on Serein Strië ceases to be an anonymous project.